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给大家分享一下坦克世界最新的9.4版本里最新资讯,爱游戏下载 T-34-3的火力的到很大的增强。爱游戏下载

9.4 Test Patchnotes and Test ETA

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Silentstalker — 52 Comments ↓

Hello everyone,


apparently, the 9.4 test release was/is planned for today (evening anyway).

9.4测试服计划在今天 晚上( 上面Q&A里提到改为明天)

Now, there are some serious changes in the Team Battles, you can read about them here. Apart from those however, the list of patch changes is very small. It was released for the German section here and it’s basically what was on the supertest (English list under that link). The previously unlisted changes include:


– AT-15A premium TD now has limited MM, hitpoints buffed from 850 to 1050

AT-15A 金币TD现在有分房保护了,血量从850加到1050

– T-34-3 reloading buffed from 14,4s to 13,4s, accuracy loss from moving the turret reduced (buffed) by 25 percent

T-34-3 装弹时间从14.4加强到13.4秒,炮塔转动的精度损失降低(加强)25%

Furthermore, the sounds of gun fire were completely reworked, sounds of vehicle destruction by ramming were improved, as were the sounds of explosions during object destruction.



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